NMP Jacket [Thesis – Wearable Computer]

February 22, 2020, Author: berserkr_jnnw7n

Why should you care about the wearable computer? ¦ [S]oon our lives will be dramatically changed by the wearable computer. But the world will look pretty much the same and most of us won’t even notice.”
Steve Mann, Cyborg: Digital Destiny and Human Possibility in the Age of the Wearable Computer

For my 4rth year thesis project at Ryerson University, I created a wearable cellphone jacket that encourages direct public social interaction using mobile/wireless technologies that have been used mostly to create personal barriers in everyday society. It was my intention to integrate these technologies on to my person and in essence ‘become the medium’.


I was interested to see if people are willing to have the same interactions with me as they are with their personal devices in public. I realize that wearable technology is on the cusp of becoming widely used as a way to integrate consumer products; so I must find a unique application that is both artistically and technically interesting.


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