Plastic People [Art Exhibition]

May 2, 2013, Author: berserkr_jnnw7n

Plastic is a ubiquitous material that has found a place in every nation and culture. In essence we as modern humans have become the ‘Plastic People.’ From it’s source as a synthetic derived from petrochemicals, we can examine the benefits, the detriments, the creative applications and the final resting places that plastic finds itself.


Plastic People was a non-commercial group exhibition I curated and organized, held from April 19th – May 2nd, 2013 at the Gallery on 47th in Yellowknife, NWT. This was a follow-up to the New Minds, New Media exhibition held in 2012, featuring a variety of mediums from photography to felts to mixed media and 3D printed plastic.

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Artists featured:
Aidan Cartwright
Brandon Marsh
Nigit’stil Norbert
Evelin Saul
Janet Procure
Paul Wilcken


This exhibition was made possible with the support of the NWT Arts Council and the Gallery on 47th Street.

For this exhibition, I painted a Sperm Whale on a transparent plastic tarp, related to an article I read about a whale who choked to death on 17kg of plastic.

I created an enclosed room with black liners / garbage bags and a black light, representing the inside of a trash bag. In the centre of the room was a humanoid sculpture using recycled materials.

I also created an alternative Yellowknife currency made out of acetate and 3D printed plastic called YKredit. The currency was a medium for trade, offered to small businesses and individuals in the community, backed by a Community Forge website. This was a limited time social experiment to discuss the nature of money, monetary security and to encourage local trade and barter.

We also hosted a Coffee House evening in association with the Ecology North Earth Week 2013

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